Reaching Out to the Hurting in Our Community

God is the creator of Life.  He cares about every aspect of His creation.  He loves with a perfect love and desires we minister to others with a heart of love.  We desire to let people see Jesus at work through out efforts in the community.

Ministering to those in crisis

The Bible says that God knew us before we were conceived in the womb. We believe God has a plan for every life and that we are called to rescue those who are perishing.

Many women make a decision at a moment of crisis in their lives that haunts them for the rest of their life.  We desire to offer them hope in the midst of the storm.

We pray and minister at the local abortion clinic on a weekly basis.  There is a need for others to get involved in this ministry. Training is available through "Sidewalk Advocates for Life." Please inquire about how you can get involved! Email Sidewalk Advocates at  if you desire "Sidewalk Advocates for Life" training.

"Rescue the Perishing" is more than just words.

Visiting those in prison with Christian love and charity is an intergal part of everyday Christianity.  We desire to have others join us in giving a cup of water in Jesus' name.

Reaching out to Prisoners

Ministering to those in prison is a command from our God.  Calvary reaches out to those who are imprisoned through on-site ministry and a letter writing ministry.  Please inquire as to how you can get involved.

What can you do to further the gospel?

God is looking for a few good men and we would be honored to have you come serve along side  us!  The harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few.